Prayer  at
Woodmark Church

Have a Prayer Request?

When you submit a prayer request, we have a team of people that immediately receive it, and have committed to pray for each need individually!
We also bring these request to our monthly corporate prayers, and pray over the needs corporately and anonymously.

Freedom Night

Once a month, the Woodmark Church Prayer Team holds a "Freedom Night" for those individual and families who are needing someone to pray for them and with them for whatever they are facing.  It is held in a private setting with our prayer team, which includes men and women.

You can share as much, or as little as you feel comfortable.

If you are battling illness, depression, needing a miracle in your marriage or a relationship, needing freedom from demonic oppression, needing a miracle of provision, or any other need, our team is ready to pray with you!

We are not called to walk alone, especially when we face difficult seasons.

If you are wanting to attend Freedom Night, please fill out the form below.

Monthly Corporate Prayer

The first Tuesday of every month, we come together as a church for corporate prayer. We invite the whole family to join us!

At this prayer gathering, we pray for prayer requests submitted, as well as different needs impacting our families, community, nation, and church. 

Want to join our Prayer Team? 

Our Prayer Team is dedicated to intentionally pray regularly for our community, our church and all the prayer requests that come in. This team also serves as the prayer team at the altar, co-lead our monthly prayer gatherings, and participate in the Freedom Nights.